Julia Child - An Inspiration

Tonight I watched a retrospective on Julia Child, the "French Chef." Besides being an accomplished chef after many years of cooking school and lots of trial and error, she was also a down-to-earth teacher, college graduate from the 1920s, world traveler, and lover of all things French. And she was a coot o watch on TV! So personable, so approachable. Who can forget her dancing chicken show where she propped up a raw chicken and lifted it by its wings to pretend it was a dancing marionette? SO FUNNY! So Julia!

But Julia Child was also a breast cancer survivor. And in the 1960s when she was diagnosed, medical knowledge about the disease was not nearly as adept as it is now. Scary! Julia lived another 35 or so years after her mastectomy. And what a full life it was! Several television cooking shows, 12 cook books (first of which was the million seller "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", and still wildly popular into her 80s, Julia Child was indeed an inspiration!