October is always a tough month for it reminds me of the many loved ones we have lost to breast cancer, especially my mother.  I am particularly sensitive and weepy during this time. 

The flip side, though, is very positive.  October brings many fine efforts to make people aware of how to take good care of ourselves with breast self-exams and mammograms.  And there are lots of fundraising efforts for breast cancer research.  October celebrates life.

In Sacramento, California, the Women's Wisdom Project, part of the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services, works with the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation to sponsor the Art Bra Show every year.  Local artists create wonderful works of art with a bra as the main theme and they are auctioned off and the monies raised to fund free mammograms to people who could not otherwise afford them. 

A fine art photographer friend of mine, Monica Neumann Lunardi, is exhibiting her amazing "Boobie Show III" at the J27 Gallery in Sacramento until October 31, 2011.  Monica reminds us that "Over the course of her life time 1 in every 8 women will develop breast cancer.  The mission of the BOOBIE SHOW is: Striving to eliminate the fear of the mammogram and the unknown of the self-exam...a few minutes could save your life and save your boobies. You need your life. Your family needs you, the universe needs you.  Just get it done! Breast cancer is NOT a death sentence… if detected early."

 Whatever you call em,  join the movement to save em!                                                
Monica says: "We savor them with our eyes - enjoy their shapes, sizes, and curves...see them jiggle and bounce.  We touch them, embrace them...feel them!   Some are gorgeous and some... not so attractive.  Bottom line, they are ours and we should be able to keep them  - but we have to play an active part in the wellness process.  BREAST CANCER AWARENESS is all we ask!    Self-exams, regular check-ups and mammograms …just make it happen!"

I was proud to have been asked to sell my breast cancer survivor pendants at the month-long show, along with other local artists who had breast-themed works.  We all gave 20% of all sales to the Albie Aware Foundation to continue their good works.  Every year, I give 10-20% of all breast cancer sales from my website and art shows to the Komen Foundation or Albie Aware.

Awareness of breast cancer is a good thing for it will result in more women finding out about, and hopefully avoiding, being touched by cancer.