Kanika's "Fetish For a Cure" will be in the Freedom's Sisters Show

I was honored to be asked to participate in the amazing Freedom's Sisters show from October 25, 2008, through January 4, 2009, at the Sacramento Public Library, located at 915 I Street. Part of the Smithsonian Traveling Show, and developed at the Cincinnati Museum, this show celebrates the great achievements of 20 African American Women, including Mary McLeod Bethune, Myrlie-Evers Williams, Sonia Sanchez, Charlayne-Hunter Gault, Dr. Dorothy Height and Kathleen Cleaver.

Ms. Gloria Burt and her husband, Burt, came to my studio last week to select some of my sculpture pieces for the show. One that they selected has never been seen in a show before. Part of the mastectomy and Earth Mother series, it is a striking, somewhat disturbing figurative piece. The body is reminiscent of a strong periwinkle-colored tree trunk with a suggestion of legs and muscles pulsing upward to the pendulous breasts. Blood red feathers form a halo around the head. There is a suggestion of arms, or are they wings?

But the most arresting attribute, perhaps, is the left breast which is cut and flopped to the side, uncovering a brilliant blue color underneath. Instead of recoiling from the piece, though, Gloria found it interesting. I had no name for the sculpture. Burt suggested "Fetish" and Gloria put it all together by calling the sculpture "Fetish for a Cure." PERFECT!!!

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