Thanks to Mom I Am Exhausted

Thanks to mom, I have been exhausted everyday getting ready for another art show.  Mom gave me the creativity, drive and confidence in myself to be an artist, like she was.  She made artistic endeavors a safe haven for kids growing up in the 1960s and 1970s.  She lead by example that trying new things was fun and exciting so I relish experimenting with new art modes and subjects ( like water fountains, LED lighted sculptures, metal work, mosaics with a twist, etc.)

Thanks to mom, I am totally renovating my kitchen, from demolition to designing the new space to building cabinets to installing everything myself (and with the help of my boyfriend and son).  Mom gave me the skills to plan, organize, and follow-through. She gave me the gumption to do a big project like that and to feel certain that it would turn out well.

Thanks to mom I am exhausted. But it is a good kind of feeling to know how to set goals and be able to accomplish them and enjoy the fruits of your labor. So breast cancer took mom from this Earth but she lives on through her children, grandchildren, family and friends whom she touched with her magic.

Thank you mom!

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