Mama's Still Got It Going On!

My mom was, and still is, awesome!  April 1st would have been her 77th birthday.

Last weekend, at a show in her honor at the Kuumba Collective Art Gallery, we sold one of her biggest pieces to an art patron who had been admiring it the previous month.

"Festival of Life" resonated with this new administrator of a school in Sacramento, CA.  Mom had been a principal at several elementary schools during her pre-watercolorist career, so that really touched the patron.

I just happened to be at the gallery last weekend, during the second Sacramento African American Art Collective (SAAAC) Art Walk, and this patron was there looking at the artwork for the third time.

Serendipity? Perhaps it was mom working her magic from her current plane of existence!

I so enjoyed telling the patron about mom and why this piece, in particular, was so important.  It was the first time mom had tried painting a large watercolor.  She was so proud of it that she kept it in her bedroom as a reminder that she was, indeed, a professional artist.

I am so proud that mama still got it going on and made this new patron a very happy owner of her work!

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