Every year since 1993 I have submitted artwork for consideration for the State Fair Fine Art Show. I have been fortunate the last seven or so years to submit pieces the judges-of-the-year found worthy to be in the show to win awards. There are several different categories among the major visual art arena that artists may enter, sculpture, ceramics, and mixed media. There are also some special categories, such as cultural, wine, and equestrian. Each year, I try to enter at least one of the special categories. This year I tried for the wine category with "The Wine Tasting."

A group of African women in beautiful, long flowing gowns sipping wine. Different types of wines and wine glasses line the right side. Different types of wine grapes align the left side. Yes, maybe this would be best in the cultural category, but it's always fun to try something different!

So why is this on my Cancer Survivor Blog? Why not? It is a celebration of life, of wine, of good friends, of gratitude, or acceptance, of fun.

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